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Please join us in supporting 
                        Bandits Freedom Riders!
This grassroots organization originated in February, 2018 and has approximately 200+ volunteers located all over the United States. Within a few short months, Bandits Freedom Riders has rescued 16 dogs; Rona, Jane, Peanut, Picasso, Shep, Tyson, Lodi, Marley, Sweets, Lucien, Joey (Gummy Bear), Mugsy, Chewy, Envy,  Oliver, Te Amos and 3 kittens.

Rona was the first dog rescued by Bandits Freedom Riders. She was found in Bolivar, Missouri and was transported by volunteers through the generosity of financial sponsors until she made it to her loving home with the founder of Bandits Freedom Riders.
Bandits Freedom Riders was formed because people with huge hearts couldn't sit back and do nothing as they saw countless dogs being put on kill shelter euthanasia lists and the numbers of homeless dogs climbing.

Bandits Freedom Riders is led by two amazing women, Amanda Toler and Karman Spears. Using the power of social media, this group, volunteers their time to arrange transportation to foster and forever homes for dogs in need all over the United States. Once a dog is placed in their care the Freedom Ride begins! Volunteers from all walks of life come together to provide state to state transportation until these pups reach their destination. Transportation is only made possible through the use of donations which help volunteers with gas, travel expenses and supplies for each dog rescued.

Chewy was rescued in upstate Wisconsin by Freedom Rider Christine. Christine drove hundreds of miles south to make the first hand- off to another Freedom Rider. Using donated gas money, volunteers traveled 2700+ miles to unite Chewy with his new pack in upstate New York. His new forever family has paid it forward by helping with other Freedom Rides.
Joey (Gummy Bear) is a gorgeous blind pittie that made his way from Orlando, Florida, to his forever home in Ohio with Karman Spears, where he was spoiled and loved whole heartedly until his recent passing to Rainbow Bridge. 
From July - September 1, 2018, Bare Bones Bakery will donate a percentage of proceeds to this group to help them rescue as many dogs as possible. 

When purchasing treats or candles please use CODE #2370 under "Notes to Seller" or email us directly to ensure Bandits Freedom Riders get credit for your purchase!

*Due to various regulations regarding animal feed we can only ship in the U.S.A, to the 48 contiguous states. We apologize in advance to Hawaii and Alaska.

Bare Bones Bakery thanks you for your purchase, and for you assistance in bringing these needy pups to their forever homes!!!
To have your organization featured on our page to help raise funds please contact us and tell us about your group!
Bandits Freedom Riders needs your help to continue their mission...One Soul, One Home at a Time!
Gummy Bear
R.I.P July, 2018
Bandit and Rona!
The people, the dogs, the rescue...
This amazing Freedom rider, Bonnie Odell, flew and drove from California to Dayton, Ohio to rescue Picasso and bring him home!